Finish Well

Ecc 7:8 The end of a thing is better than its beginning;

This week I celebrated my 56th birthday. I find myself thinking a little differently about a birthday this year as I have evaluated the many things that have taken place over the past years. Many of the events in my life were of little meaning. I reflected on the achievements that I have made and the failures as well. I have thought about the things I acquired and their value whether little or great. Some possessions that were meaningful no longer hold the same place as they once did.

I realize when we enter this world there is much to-do made over us. Much fussing and “congratulations” happen upon our birth. Gifts are given, pictures taken, much joy & assigning of the features to particular parents or lineage. Visitors go home and eventually parents are left alone with a child to hold and quietly wonder. When we leave this earth it is not important how we entered but rather how we finished. Did we leave a heritage for others? Did we leave with a message that is stayed upon the mind of others? Will we be remembered for what we acquired or the home we lived in? No, we shall be remembered for the contribution we made in the lives of others. Did we finish well? Few kings in the Bible finished well. May we all finish well the coarse that was set before us.

Thursday of this week we finished the 3rd month of treatments. Next month will be the 4th month & the 1/2 way point of treatments. At that time they will do several tests to see what progress has been made. I continue to gain strength and stamina. I have been in the office most days for the past few weeks, although they be some shorter. I have been riding bike and even parked cars 2 days (5 hr shifts) at the Elkhart County Fair as a fund raiser that River of Life has taken on. I kept as much skin covered as reasonable and used #50 sunblock on the few exposed areas. I still have difficult days & nights but with less frequency. Food tastes better most days & I have not had many mouth sores.

I praise the Lord of my salvation, I mean I boast on Him. He has been so good to Shari & I and yes we have had much to work through. We have been encouraged over and over by the community and especially the body of Christ. We don’t take any of you for granted & appreciate your kindness, thoughtfulness, and the many things you have done to lift our spirits.

Living for The Day,