The Eyes of the Lord


2 Chr 16:9  For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.

It’s been nearly 16 years since I first became acquainted with the concept that the Lord has eyes for me. I was preparing for a men’s event & discovered this verse while reading. I learned something new that day. To think that He would actually seek me out to demonstrate His desire to show me His provision & strengthen me. This was new to me. When I came across this verse I was warmed to know that especially in hardship or difficulty He was looking to strengthen me.

In the second part of verse 9 there is a rebuke for King Asa because he didn’t seek the Lord for provision. Then at the end of the chapter again there was a rebuke as King Asa had a disease in his feet and didn’t seek the Lord.

I have had a renewed understanding of seeking the Lord and being fully committed to Him. My desire to seek Him not only for the big things in my life but even the small things that I think I can figure out on my own. My tendency is to exhaust all my own ways and not to ask or seek Him until I have no where to turn. My prayers have changed & I have been encouraged to read this verse often and share it with others that His desire is to strengthen us.

Tues & Wed this week will be days that I will be having some tests run. In particular, Wed will be the day for the bone morrow test. Shari and I are trusting that the Lord will strengthen me with a demonstration of His power over sickness and disease as we await a good report. It will likely take a week to get the test results back.

I have found that I really enjoy praying while I walk in the mornings. I enjoy talking “out loud” while I pray as it becomes more real to me. I have had many of you on my heart and your names come out of my mouth as the Holy Spirit gives me utterance. May you find these days filled with the Strength of the Lord and not your own flesh. May you find His provision in your life for the battles you face. May you look to the Lord to fight your battles and not your own methods.

Living for The Day,