I will Say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress”.

Ps 91 has been my inspiration this week, even when it seemed difficult to embrace it as truth. To say that He is my refuge & my fortress on most days was attainable & yet it was difficult to stand in faith. At times I found myself struggling to pick up and move forward. As much as I wanted to find “normal” again, between fatigue, nausea, & doctor visits,  “normal” eluded me often. I found myself feeling well enough to schedule a few appointments but then often would run out of steam. I am determined that He will take us through this season without being consumed. (Is 43:1-2)

Today my bride & I left for Indy at 6:00am to meet with a specialist at the IU Bone Morrow Center. We were to arrive there by 10am to do paperwork & turn in forms that were to be filled out with information such as the full list of medications, family history and physical symptoms. We gave ourselves extra time as we were instructed to stop along the way to get out and walk to prevent possible blood clots. We arrived in plenty of time and were told after taking my vitals that the doctor wanted to discuss our insurance with us. I was very upset and so we thought it best to pray before we met with him. He went on to read a very troubling email stating that our insurance wouldn’t cover a stem cell transplant. After reading the correspondence he went on to commend Dr Jin for the approach he had taken up to this point and told us that we may achieve the same results with this approach without the stem cell induction.

Bottom line, the Doctor in Indy said we may do well not to go through with a Stem Cell Transplant. He stated that my body is responding so well to the treatment being used that the Stem Cell Transplant may not produce any better results so he would suggest to continue as we are and send it into full remission using the new drugs available. He was very favorable for the results thus far with such minimal treatment. All we can say is God is Our Refuge and Fortress. We were so encouraged even though it was a full day, we came home thanking the Lord for such a good report. I won’t have treatments again until July 13th so I will have some time to recoup and renew.

I want to thank you all for your prayers. For when we pray, God often changes us more than our circumstances.

Living for The Day, Rick & Shari